Campus Greenspaces: Hadrian’s Wood from Brampton Road

In this instalment of Live Well Learn Well’s Greenspace series, we sneak out the back of Brampton Road campus to follow the trail to Hadrian’s Wood.

Tree-lined Tarraby Lane
Tree-lined Tarraby Lane, September 2021

Many of our students and staff based at Carlisle are aware of the expanse of greenery that is Rickerby Park and a wander down by the River Eden on a lunch time is time well spent. But a less well-known walk from Brampton Road campus is the 5 minute trail to Hadrian’s Wood. Being somewhat of a local secret, the walk to the woods can offer a quiet solace with only an occasional dog walker and for company. Often, you won’t meet a single soul on the walk to Hadrian’s Wood making it a perfect place to seek out some headspace whilst enjoying the trills of birdsong.

If you’re into history, the path to Hadrian’s Wood unsurprisingly runs adjacent to Hadrian’s Wall, the remains of which lie quietly under the soil in the fields along the path. Unfortunately, you can no longer see the Wall itself but it is possible to make out some grassy mounds that trace its outline. A Roman Mile Castle was situated at the far end of Tarraby Lane so the path has ancient origins as a thoroughfare between the castle and the larger Fort Petriana at Stanwix.

But anyway, on with the walk…

  1. Head round to the rear of Brampton Road Main Building and look for the gate behind the Library that leads onto Tarraby Lane.
  2. Turn right and walk towards the end of the lane where the road bends left onto Beech Grove. Just at the bend, you’ll see a sign for a public footpath to Tarraby.
  1. Follow the tree-lined path straight along until you reach a wooden kissing gate on the left hand side. Pass through and head towards the sign for Hadrian’s Wood.
  2. Enjoy the criss-crossing trails within the woodland before tracing your steps back to campus. Alternatively, continue along the tree-lined path until you reach a gate on the right hand side. This path will take you across a meadow where you’ll rejoin Brampton Road. Turn right to return along the road to campus.

Do make sure you wear sturdy footwear as the path can be muddy in places and please bear in mind this walk might not be accessible to wheelchair users.

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