Introducing the Library’s Wellbeing Collection

To coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, the Library at the University of Cumbria is pleased to launch the Wellbeing book collection. The collection is designed to provide students and staff with resources covering a wide range of topics relating to looking after our wellbeing. We sought recommendations from the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team to pick the most suitable titles for the kinds of issues that many of our students experience at university.  

Topics in the collection include: 

  • Managing stress 
  • Low mood 
  • Anxiety 
  • Self-care 
  • Mindfulness

Some of our favourites are:

We have refreshed and updated our existing collection, and new titles will be added regularly. For highlights from the collection, take a look at the padlet below: 

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Have a browse of the titles and try a few on a topic that is relevant for you. We will each have our own preferences and what might be helpful for some people might not be helpful for you. So it’s an idea to dip in and out of a few books to find a title that suits you. 

Would you like to recommend a title for the collection?  Use our Get More Books scheme or post your ideas to the padlet below:

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For further support visit:

Mental Health and Wellbeing Service

Learn Well from Skills@Cumbria

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